Open Space

Mystic Springs MapThe city maintains over 250 acres of open space, not including groomed parks. The majority of this open space is located along the Jordan River corridor and is maintained in cooperation with URNCC and the Great Salt Lake Audubon Society. This area is federally protected land and is not accessible to the public. These areas provide wetland mitigation and wildlife refuges and habitats.

Mystic Springs Wetland Educational Area

Mystic Springs Wetland Educational Area is accessed at the Jordan River Trailhead located at Shields Lane and the river bottoms at:
947 W Shields Lane
South Jordan, UT 84095

This area is still under development, but once complete, it will mirror the federally protected wetlands on the east side of the Jordan River. These approximately 30 acres will provide opportunities for residents to enjoy the nature of the Jordan River and its corresponding wetlands. Throughout the site will be educational areas, and ADA trail, foot paths, lookout points to view the wildlife and native vegetation, and other amenities.

South Jordan has received two separate grants to protect the natural development of this area. Feel free to stop by and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.