Get Involved

Gale Center Volunteers


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Application (PDF) and email it to our curator. Please indicate if you are interested in being a docent, working in collections, doing an Eagle Scout project, or a school or college project. All docents are required to attend a brief orientation with South Jordan City Human Resources.


  • If you have an object you would like to donate, email a good-quality photo of the object to our curator. Include either a ruler or common object for scale. Any information about the object is useful. You will receive an automatic confirmation email that your inquiry was received; please allow up to 10 business days for a full response.
  • Donors are required to sign the Deed of Gift Form (PDF) in person. A copy for the museum and the donor will be made.
  • The Gale Center does not accept all donations offered, and does not accept walk-in donations or drop-offs. Accepted donations will enhance the Gale Center’s collection by fulfilling our mission statement and in consideration with other factors. Any objects that are not accepted are the potential donor’s responsibility and cannot be left with the museum.
  • The Gale Center does not offer artifact identification, appraisals, object storage, or conservation advice.