Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)



Utah Law requires the local emergency medical dispatch center to inform a person who calls to report a potential incident of sudden cardiac arrest of the location of any nearby AED. To support this requirement, as set forth in Utah Code Annotated section 76-8b-301 et seq. and South Jordan City Ordinance 8.32, a person who owns or leases an AED shall report the name, address and phone number of the AED owner and the exact location of each AED, in writing, to the local emergency medical dispatch center.

Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) is the designated local emergency medical dispatch center for South Jordan City. All AEDs shall be registered with VECC. If at a later date you relocate the AED you are required to provide updated information to VECC.  Complete the VECC online AED registration form.

AEDs by Location - South Jordan City

View a list of AEDs by Location (PDF) in South Jordan City.

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For more information, please call Valley Emergency Communications Center at 801-840-4100 or the South Jordan Fire Department at 801-254-0948.

To obtain an AED order form and/or access the services provided by your Fire Department, please email the South Jordan City Fire Department or call them at 801-254-0948.