Foot Golf

About Foot Golf

Foot golf is a new sport featured at Mulligans. Foot golf combines soccer and golf to create a fun, easy sport to play.


Foot golf is played by kicking a soccer ball into the hole. Play starts with the teeing area and ends by the hole. Players must kick in a single movement and must start with the foot not touching the ball. Lifting or pushing the ball is not allowed. Like golf, players take turns starting with the farthest hole. Balls may be marked if they are in the way of a competitor.

Foot Golf at Mulligans

Mulligans has created a nine-hole course on our Par 3 course. Players start on the tee and kick their soccer ball to a 22-inch hole that has been dug near the golf greens. Foot golf is great for all skill levels and ages. The hours for Foot golf are the same as the golf course.


Foot golf is $8 per person per nine holes. Golf cart and soccer ball rentals are available at an additional cost.


  1. No soccer cleats or golf spikes are allowed. Gym shoes or indoor soccer shoes are preferred.
  2. Please keep up with the group ahead of you and let you and faster groups play through.
  3. Wait until the group ahead of you is out of range before proceeding with your shot.
  4. All golfers must register with the pro shop
  5. Golf carts must stay 30 feet away from tees and greens. Two riders per cart, no exceptions.
  6. No outside food or beverages are allowed on the course; water bottles are fine.
  7. Please do not enter the wetland areas and never enter ponds to retrieve a ball. Please take extra care when playing near these areas.

Group Events

Foot golf is great for corporate events, team outings and other social gatherings. Large groups can easily be accommodated. To book a group, please email us.