Gale Center Museum

  1. Fri Feb. 2 - Thu Feb. 29

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Group Size

Please make sure that your group is around 20 or fewer visitors at once. If you have questions, please email Maren at



  • Many of our exhibits are oriented for smaller visitors, including play areas, hands-on objects, and recreations of historic buildings
  • There are many benches and couches throughout the Gale Center for visitors to rest on, and there are changing tables in all restrooms
  • Nursing is welcome throughout the museum
  • Parents and guardians must be with their children at all times to ensure safety
  • High-traffic children’s areas are frequently cleaned using gentle disinfectants
  • If your child isn’t feeling well, please keep them home

Please Note:

  • Be respectful of other visitors and ensure that your little ones tidy up after exploring
  • Much of the museum is hands-on, but some exhibits are not. Keep an eye on your young visitors to make sure that they don’t injure themselves on our historic objects.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the museum. They are permitted in the lobby and the picnic area outside near the dugout exhibit. 


Free parking includes handicap stalls, drop off zone, and accessible ramps from the parking lot to the building.

History of the Gale Center

Gale Center of History and CultureThe Gale Center was opened in June of 2006. It now houses the museum, the Arts Council’s Artist on Display, and offers an auditorium for public rental. Prior to being a museum, the building served as the South Jordan branch library.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and celebrate the culture and heritage of South Jordan throughout time. We provide an educational space accessible for visitors of all ages to learn and contribute to the story of South Jordan.

The Gale Center offers free admission.  Donations are gladly accepted.