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GRAMA Request Form

  1. Intent

    Utah Code Section 63G-2-204 (GRAMA) is intended to promote the public’s right of easy and reasonable access to unrestricted public records and to favor public access when, in the application of the law, countervailing interests are of equal weight.


    A request for record access or copies shall be responded to as soon as reasonably possible – no later than 10 business days, or 5 business days if a request benefits the public rather than the requesting individual. (63G-2-204(3)(a))


    If access is denied, the agency shall provide a notice of denial, including a description of the record or portion of record to which access is denied, citation to the statute allowing the denial, and a description of the process to appeal the denial. (63G-2-205(2))

  2. Requester's Information
  3. Request Made To

    Government Agency or Office:
    South Jordan (Utah)

    1600 W Towne Center Drive
    South Jordan, UT 84095

  4. Records Requested

    The more specific and narrow the request, the easier it will be for an agency or office to respond to the request. If you are unsure about the records’ description, contact the agency or office records officer.

  5. Description of records including all relevant information:

    • Location of event(s) described in records:
      • City
      • County
      • Address
    • Date range of the records
    • Names of the person(s)
    • Subject of the request
  6. If the record has a restricted access, GRAMA provides that certain individuals may still receive access.
  7. Considerations About the Desired Response

    I would like to:

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