The Water Division is dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water. Every effort is made to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws for water quality, and service. The Water Division strives to better our community through prompt, reliable and knowledgeable service. It is our goal to continue providing small town, personal service even as our city continues to grow.

South Jordan purchases all of the drinking water from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District whose main water sources include Deer Creek and Jordenelle reservoirs, and the Provo River watershed, as well as some groundwater sources.

Aspects of Water in South Jordan

  • Water Hardness - 7 to 10 grains per gallon, “Hard”
  • Water pH - 7.75 average
  • Fluoride is added to the water as required by the Salt Lake County Health Department
  • Sprinkler systems should be designed for a max water pressure of 40 pounds per square inch, regardless of the exact pressure to your property