Backflow Prevention

South Jordan City is dedicated to providing our residents and customers with safe, clean, drinking water. Maintaining a backflow prevention program is one of the ways the City accomplishes this goal. A joint responsibility between the City and its residents/customers must exist to ensure all areas of the water distribution system are adequately protected.

Backflow Incidents

A backflow incident can seriously affect the quality and safety of our drinking water supply. Common examples of possible cross-connections include landscape sprinkling systems, hose attachments for utility sinks, and garden hoses. Backflow prevention assemblies provide the public water system with protection against contamination and/or pollution.

Rules, Laws, Regulations & Codes

The South Jordan City Water System is required to implement and maintain a “Cross-Connection Control (backflow prevention) Program” according to state and federal rules and regulations. The laws that outline and govern this program, and the plumbing requirements for backflow prevention include:

Avoiding Theft

Most backflow preventers are made from a combination of metals, including brass, which can attract thieves who steal the metal for the recycling value. If you find your backflow preventer was stolen please report it to the police as soon as possible, at 801-840-4000. All backflow preventer assemblies are marked with a unique serial number which can be helpful for identifying your backflow preventer. Theft can be prevented by using the following measures:

  • Winterize Backflow Preventers - Most backflow thefts occur during the winter months when backflow preventers are not in use. The best prevention for theft is to properly winterize your backflow preventer and remove and store it in your garage or home during the winter months. Read more on backflow winterization (PDF).
  • Use an Enclosure - Different types of enclosures are available to protect your backflow preventer by keeping it out of sight. Enclosures include lockable cages, full enclosures, and fake rocks.