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Water is an increasingly scarce resource in Utah and the State and City are growing rapidly. It’s important to investigate all options to ensure the future of our water supply. In South Jordan, we import 100% of our water because we have no local source of our own. Many cities across the nation already use recycled water, including industrial, irrigation and drinking water use. While this project and facility is for educational and demonstration purposes, this water will be tested to validate water purification goals. Families and stakeholders will be able to take tours of the facility, learn and see how the process works, and in the future even get a chance to try the water! This facility is the first of its kind in Utah.

To learn about a similar project that's been in operation for several years, visit the Altamonte Springs, FL, PureALTA site.

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Pure SoJo Q&A

Where is the water coming from, and where is it going? 
The water is pre-cleaned at the South Valley Reclamation plant, where it is cleaned to an irrigation water standard before entering the advanced purification process at the demonstration facility that brings it to drinking water quality. The water will be purified to meet drinking water standards and will ultimately go into the Jordan River.

Is this going to come into my home/into my drinking water? 
No, the water from this purification demonstration project is being used for demonstration purposes only and will be sent back into the headwaters at the South Valley plant for the duration of the project. However, it would be cleaned to such a high standard that it would be safe to drink.

Why is South Jordan doing this? 
Currently, South Jordan imports 100% of its water, having no local water source of our own. This is because our underground aquifer is contaminated and will take 40 years to be cleaned. As the valley continues to grow at a rapid rate, we want to properly plan for future water supply by investigating other sources. Also, this process is efficient and could save money in the long term for our residents.

So, I’ll be able to see how the process works? 
Yes! This facility will be made for tours for anyone who wants to visit! It will be a great educational opportunity for kids and parents alike to learn about how safe, pure, and sustainable water is made!

Has this process been used before? 
Yes, currently this purification process is operating as a pilot program in both Altamonte Springs, FL. This process was recognized by the International Water Association as a market-changing water technology for 2018. It has been proven for over five years to meet the state of Florida’s drinking water standards.

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